Network Design/Implementation and Firewalls

Network Design and Implementation


 EG Computer Services offers services for Network Design & Implementation.  Dealing with Network Design requires the ability to understand an organization’s network.  Network Design requires a map of how the network is to be designed, cabling structures, routers, switches, servers, IP addressing and security structure.  To have a successful Network Implementation, all departments will need to be involved.  To avoid failure of your Network Implementation, call us today to speak with one of our qualified consultants. 



In terms of computer security, a firewall is a piece of software. This software monitors the network traffic. A firewall has a set of rules which are applied to each packet. The rules decide if a packet can pass, or whether it is discarded. Usually a firewall is placed between a network that is trusted, and one that is less trusted. When a large network needs to be protected, the firewall software often runs on a computer that does nothing else.  A firewall protects one part of the network against unauthorized access.  Don't worry. EG Computer Services can handle your Firewall Security, just give us a call today.